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AAA Recyko batteries
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Everyday Charger B421

A new superhero in town

Recyko batteries are designed for everyday life. They deliver long-lasting power for high and low drain devices, again and again. While saving you money, you also save the environment from thousands of batteries.

These rechargeables are here to save the day – every day!

To make a planet friendly choice, look for the green circle

  • All Recyko products feature plastic-free, recycled paper packaging.
  • All Recyko batteries are made in our manufacturing facilities that have achieved Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWTL) Validation from UL.
  • 94%+ of the entire battery pack (including the box) for all Recyko battery products can be recycled.
  • Selected cell models of Recyko batteries are certified as made of more than 10% recycled materials.*

Learn more about our efforts towards sustainability

*For Recyko AAA 650/800/850/950 mAh and Recyko AA 1300/2000/2100/2600 mAh batteries.

Rethink. Recharge. Recyko.

Recyko Batteries

Do more

Stays charged for longer.

Save more

Up to 1500 charges*.

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Works in extreme temperatures.


Ready to use.

Recyko Chargers & Charger Docks

Fast Charging

2 batteries in 2 hours**.

Know more

LED light indicates charging status and alerts if single-use or bad batteries are inserted.


Charge via USB connection or charger dock.

Safe charging

Auto power cut-off function prevents over-charging, over-voltage and short circuits.

*Recyko Recyko Pro batteries.
**Recyko AA batteries 2100mAh in M451.

Recyko Batteries

Recyko batteries are designed for everyday life.

Recyko Chargers & Charger Docks

Recyko chargers and charger docks provide a fast, hassle-free way to recharge your batteries.

Charge 10 Batteries & Charger

With Charge 10 batteries and charger, you can recharge your batteries again and again in just 10 minutes*!

Recyko Pro

Recyko Pro batteries are designed for maximum performance and minimum discharge.

*Based on internal test by GP of the average percentage of battery capacity charged after a 10-minute charge as of May 2021. Calculated from 5 simultaneous charges of 4pcs of new Charge 10 1700mAh AA batteries to 90%+ of capacity at 20°C, followed by battery discharge according to IEC 61951-2.

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