Summer holidays are coming to an end. For parents, that means it’s time to get the kids geared up and ready for a new school year. But after weeks of indulging in lots of fun summer activities, children might not be so keen on returning to a class schedule. Whether a physical or online classroom, the sudden jolt of going back to school is often a concern for both parents and students.

If you’re worrying about how to ease your kids into a new routine of coursework and study sessions, continue reading for three tips to turbocharge the school year with the right back to school essentials and the sufficient power supply.

Reset the biological clock

If your child’s summer activities have consisted mostly of watching television and playing video games, then it’s probably likely they’ve developed some not-so-great sleeping habits. Going to bed late and waking up even later may have been fine during summer, but back to school means back to early mornings and full days of courses.

The first thing you’ll want to do is reset their biological clock, but gradually. Ease your kids into a regular sleep routine by adjusting their bedtime 20-30 minutes earlier each night and designating a time to shut off the television and other electronic devices.

Biological-Clock Biological-Clock

Tips to power up your child’s sleep routine:

  • Instead of games and television, consider introducing calming pre-bed activities, like reading a book and listening to light and gentle music.
  • Expose your children to the bright morning light and get them moving. Take them to breakfast or on a walk to get them used to the morning rhythm.
  • Most people use their phones as alarm clocks these days. While this means you or your children might be tempted to use the phone or browse social media, you’ll also need to make sure they’re properly charged throughout the night.
  • You may also consider the traditional approach by using an alarm clock, especially in the kid’s room. Of course, you’ll want to prepare alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries to keep the clock fully charged.

Prepare the right school supplies

While many classrooms are going virtual, it’s important to make sure your child is prepared and well equipped with all the essential school supplies. It’s time to go out and get organised with your back-to-school checklist. In addition to the required books and uniform, it’s also helpful to pick up a USB drive and any batteries for the digital devices your kids might need, including a wireless mouse and keyboard, tablets, digital pen, calculators and so on. Having these items won’t only enhance your kid’s learning experience, but they’ll also improve their attention span, both in class and at home.

School-Supplies School-Supplies

Tips to power up your child’s school supplies:

  • Buying school necessities can often be a labour of love. Lighten that burden by noting down on your smartphone a list of shops and a checklist of school supplies you might need.
  • While shopping, bring along a power bank to keep your phone fully charged. This will also be an essential item for your kid as they go to and from school – so get a second.
  • If your children are attending class online, remember to prepare enough wall chargers and cables to keep their devices charged at home.
  • Similarly, rechargeable batteries will come in handy for kids following along with classes wire-free, for devices such as keyboard and mouse.

Set up a regular routine

Just as important as resetting your children’s biological clock, routines can help children feel in control, confident and happy. It’s wise to use the last weeks of summer to establish a regular routine that helps your child foster their own passions and hobbies, while keeping in mind that these activities shouldn’t demand too much of their after-school hours once the new school years starts, such as taking photographs, going to the library, or visiting the museum. This routine can help your child set new goals while gaining a sense of independence and understanding of their own life.

Regular-Routine Regular-Routine

Tips to power up your child’s new routine:

  • Prepare the devices your kids may commonly want to use in their spare time, including headphones and digital cameras, and the batteries to power them, to make developing new hobbies more attainable.
  • Use your child’s interests as an opportunity to also teach them how to keep their desk, or their play space, organised and clean before they leave that area.
  • The reason your kid’s desk is messy and disorganised may be attributed to the abundance of wires. Simply clear the wires away by using a wireless charging pad for all your child’s compatible devices.

Getting ready for a new school year can be an exciting yet challenging time for students. For parents, however, the final weeks of summer holiday provide an opportunity to introduce children to some invaluable, life-long lessons. From resetting your child’s biological clock to establishing a regular routine, these back-to-school tips will have them powered up and ready for the start of a new school year with the right essentials and the sufficient power supply.

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