Benefits of Rechargeable Batteries – Rechargeables are the Power Solution for Your Family and the Future. Here’s why.

Discover the perks of GP Recyko rechargeable batteries and chargers over single-use alkaline batteries - more sustainable, save more money, and more reasons to switch!


Batteries are important - but to say that would be an understatement. Batteries power every family, from toddler toys to remote controls, your home would not be able to function if not for these little energy-storage devices. According to the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department, more than 120 millions batteries are consumed in Hong Kong every year and up to 90% of the batteries consumed are primary batteries. Not only is single-used batteries taking a toll on the environment, it is also not cost-effective, but this is about to change.

Switch to Recyko and save more than you imagine! Recyko is our line of rechargeable batteries designed for everyday life and household uses. They deliver long-lasting power for high and low-drain devices, again and again. Still not convinced to make the switch? Here are plenty more reasons for you to do so, read on:

1. Reduce Waste – Contributing to the Environment

Sustainability is always at the forefront of thinking for most eco-conscious families. Little green habits have been weaving their ways into families’ everyday lives, we always BYOB when shopping for grocery, we are trying not to take our shower for too long, and we make recycling a family habit. These green practices are wonderful, but never forget one of the most effective ways to reduce carbon footprints is to avoid single-used items. Yes, we know you have been shunning plastic bags, investing in travel mug and opting for e-bills over unnecessary mails……wait, but what about batteries?

If your family advocates green living, it is time for you to switch from single-used alkaline batteries to Reckyo. The reason is obvious: single-used items, including batteries, are simply not good for the environment. Did you know Recyko Batteries can be recharged up to 1500 times*, and are estimated to last for up to 6 years^? At GP, sustainability is at the very core of everything we do, and we always go the extra mile to ensure every aspect of our product does not compromise the planet we live on. This is why we are once again asking you to switch to rechargeable batteries.

*Recyko Pro batteries.
^battery life depends on usage conditions and devices.

2. Rechargeable Battery – Save Your Wallet

We know what is in your mind. Better technology, improved performance, and sustainability always mean a higher price point - but only if you look at it as a short-term purchase. In fact, the higher initial cost of rechargeable batteries and a charger will even out after only a handful of charges. Instead of seeing it as an essential household purchase, look at it as an investment. Recyko batteries can be used more than 1500 times*, now imagine buying 1500 packs of single-use batteries? You know the math. The money you saved can be better utilised in the new stereo system in your wishlist, or that kitchen renovation you have been talking about, and so much more.

3. Rechargeable Battery Charger – Speedy Charge

Caring for your family is tough, and we feel you. Going to work, prepping for dinner, doing the chores and checking your kids’ homework, your to-do list goes on and on and on. Nobody got no time for kids whining about their toys not working. We got your back - Recyko simply makes your life easier, and with a Recyko Speed Charger, it charges 2 batteries in only 2 hours**, saving you the hassle to run your local store to get a new pack of disposable batteries just for that stupid toy! All Recyko batteries also come pre-charged and are ready to use fresh out of the box.

**Recyko AA batteries 2100mAh in M451.

4. Recyko Speed Charger’s Ultimate Convenience

Recyko Chargers are USB-compatible, simply charge via USB connection or charger dock for optimal convenience. The LED light of the battery charger indicates charging status and alerts if single-use or bad batteries are inserted, giving you more control over your batteries.

5. A Safe Battery Charger and Battery

IYKYK: being a parent means we are always in a constant state of fear of any potential harm that will come into our children’s way. We have to eliminate all the household threats to make the home a safe haven for them to thrive. Recyko chargers feature auto power cut-off function, preventing overcharging, over-voltage and short circuits. All batteries and chargers from GP are tested to align with international safety standards, ensuring a safe charging experience with your family.

There is no doubt about it: switching to rechargeable batteries does more good than you can imagine. Move away from single-use batteries for the sake of the planet (and for yourself!). Explore GP’s range of rechargeable batteries and battery chargers today, the biggest change comes from the smallest switch. Make the switch. Go green and save.