Wireless charging has existed well over a decade. But it wasn’t until 2017, when Apple released the iPhone X, that this cord-free capability hit mainstream. Now, nearly every major smartphone on the market supports wireless charging in some capacity.

The concept itself dates back to the mid-1800s, when inventor Nikola Tesla and physicist Michael Faraday proved energy could be transferred through electromagnetic induction – without the need for wires. Today, this technology is accessible to almost everyone, at home, in the office, and on the go, in everyday applications, from smartphones and laptops to kitchen appliances and beyond; but what’s next?

As the world continues to go wireless, this technology is expected to evolve drastically in the coming years. Read on as we unpack the myths and misconceptions behind wireless chargers, share a few tips and benefits, and look forward to the future of a world with no strings attached.

Aside from the obvious benefit that it is much more convenient to simply place your phone on a charging pad than to actually plug it in, users of Qi wireless charging will find that the technology’s advantages easily outweigh the drawbacks. Below, we’ve listed a few benefits that might inspire you to switch to wireless charging.

myths & useful tips about wireless charging - less clutter

Less Clutter

These days, there’s a cord for everything, from phone and laptop to smartwatch and earphones. The switch to wireless allows you to liberate any space from the tangle of excess cords and cables.

myths & useful tips about wireless charging - no more wire damage

No More Wire Damage

After months of use, wired chargers can stop working, bend and break, or fray at the ends, risking you an unexpected shock. If placed correctly, wireless charging reduces the risk of wire damage and protects the connectors and sockets on the phone.

myths & useful tips about wireless charging - convenience & compatibility

Convenience & Compatibility

Put the struggle of finding compatible wire chargers, at home or on-the-go, at ease. With Qi wireless technology, you can conveniently charge an array of compatible devices on a single pad.

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If you’re considering making the move to wireless charging in your home, or place of work, you’ve probably already heard the myths and misconceptions of this technology that litter the internet. But which are true or false? Below, we debunk the most common myths, so you can let the facts be your guide.

myths & useful tips about wireless charging - wireless charging pads and phone damage

Myth #1: Wireless charging pads can damage the phone or its battery.

Fact: While not entirely true, the chances of phone damage are higher with a low-quality wireless charger.

Tip: Invest in high-quality, Qi-certified charging pads like GP Q-Series wireless charging pad, which help protect against overloading phones, overheating and transferring heat to nearby objects.

myths & useful tips about wireless charging - wireless charger and phone case

Myth #2: Wireless charging won’t work with cases.

Fact: False. Even common Qi chargers are now powerful enough to power up devices through most cases currently available in the market.

Tip: Keep an eye on the types of cases you are using. You may run into issues with those that feature magnets or popsockets.

myths & useful tips about wireless charging - charging overnight

Myth #3: Charging overnight will damage your device.

Fact: Somewhat false. Most smartphones and wireless devices will stop transmitting power when they are fully charged.

Tip: As a general tip for wired and wireless charging, you can prolong your phone’s battery life by not keeping your phone fully charged for an extended period of time, and also by not letting it run completely dry.

myths & useful tips about wireless charging - slow wireless charging

Myth #4: Wireless charging is slow.

Fact: It’s not entirely true that wireless charging is slow. While that might’ve been the case during the 5-watt “era”, today, there are fast wireless charging pads that can provide 10 or even 15 watts of power.

Tip: If you’re looking for faster charging speeds, consider wired charging your devices using a USB charger and cable that support USB-C Power Delivery.

charge your phone with wireless charger

Tech innovations continue to make our lives easier, faster and often, more enjoyable. Whether it’s smartphones, laptops or a WiFi-enabled plant monitor, one thing is certain – the future is wireless.

While this vision may have a long way to go, wireless charging is here to stay. Even better, it’s expected to evolve considerably in the coming years. After Apple embraced Qi wireless charging in 2017, other industries – including automotive, healthcare and manufacturing – followed suit, adopting wireless charging for its improved mobility and safety.

With the global market projected to be worth more than $30 billion by 2026, it's hard to argue the potential for wireless charging in the future. Sure, there will be naysayers along the way, but by switching to wireless charging, you are one step closer to living free from the confines of wired devices.
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