As saving the environment becomes an ever more urgent issue, it falls on every single one of us to make a change, no matter how small. One easy place to begin is by switching your batteries to the rechargeable kind. With all the technological strides made in rechargeable batteries in recent years, there’s no reason not to make the switch.

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Modern rechargeables combine optimised performance, smart features and high capacity into a single package that can help you save money and reduce waste almost immediately. Keep reading for some of the major benefits.

eco-friendly rechargeable batteries - environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

Rechargeables are highly effective in reducing your carbon footprint, as one rechargeable battery can replace thousands of single-use batteries. GP ReCyko rechargeable batteries go one step further by using more than 10% recycled materials in their construction.

eco-friendly rechargeable batteries - money saving

Money saving

As well as preventing thousands of single-use batteries from ending up in the landfill, rechargeables greatly reduce the money spent on batteries thanks to the ability to use them over and over again. By using and charging rechargeables in a proper manner, you can prolong the battery life, saving even more money in the long run.

eco-friendly rechargeable batteries - convenience


Simply having two sets of rechargeable batteries means you always have a spare set ready to use. Rechargeables can also be easily recharged via USB and wall outlets.

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Like any battery, knowing how to use rechargeables correctly is the key to prolonging the battery’s life and maximizing its efficiency.

Here, you will learn how to properly use, charge and store rechargeable batteries.

eco-friendly rechargeable batteries - how to use eco-friendly rechargeable batteries - how to use

How to use

In most cases, rechargeable batteries can be used in the same manner as any other alkaline battery. Just pop them into the battery compartment of your device to get powered up right away! Do avoid leaving a rechargeable battery in a device that is turned on after the battery is completely run down, as continued drain on a discharged battery can cause the battery to reverse polarity and stop working.

eco-friendly rechargeable batteries - how to charge eco-friendly rechargeable batteries - how to charge

How to charge

Correctly charging your batteries can greatly prolong their use. We recommend using a smart charger that automatically switches off after a full charge to avoid battery damage. Always choose the right charger for your batteries, according to their chemistry and voltage. When charging batteries in pairs, the two batteries must be of same capacity and charge level to allow effective charging. Finally, wipe your battery compartment occasionally with a rough cloth to keep them dust-free.

eco-friendly rechargeable batteries - how to store eco-friendly rechargeable batteries - how to store

How to store

All GP ReCyko charger units double as storage for rechargeable batteries. Combined with a low self discharge rate, they can retain up to 80% charge after one year for instant usability. However, avoid leaving batteries in a fully discharged state for long periods, as this may reduce their capacity. Lastly, avoid placing batteries in direct sunlight or in the refrigerator. Take proper care of your rechargeables, and you’ll be rewarded with years of use to come.

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Though rechargeables offer a plethora of functional, environmental and cost-saving advantages over single-use batteries, there are still some instances where the latter are the preferred option.

use of alkaline batteries use of alkaline batteries

Voltage requirements

As alkaline batteries normally carry a higher voltage (1.5V) than rechargeables (1.2V), you should only use batteries that match the voltage requirements of your devices. For example, if a device requires a 1.5V battery, you will need to use alkaline batteries. Otherwise, the difference in voltage will cause the device to not function properly, or not to work at all.

Emergency equipment

Thanks to their much longer shelf life, in some cases up to a decade, single-use batteries are more suitable for devices such as torches or radios in disaster preparedness kits.

Camping trips

In situations where it’s difficult to charge electronic devices, such as camping or backpacking trips, alkaline batteries are a safer bet as you’ll have a better idea of how much charge they have. Another solution can be found in the GP Charge Anyway, which provides a 2-in-1 power solution that’s ideal for camping.

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